Motor Camp Opatija

OPENING 01.05.2021.

Camping is currently considered the safest type of vacation because direct contact with other guests is kept to a minimum.

Owners of campers and caravans have the advantage of using their own kitchen and toilets, which are part of the holiday vehicle.

In our camp, preparations for the season are underway with additional caution and the following measures:

  • frequent and thorough cleaning and disinfection of sanitary facilities and accommodation units
  • available surface and hand disinfectants for staff and guests
  • Continuous training of employees on measures to prevent COVID-19.

We expect that by taking care of cleanliness, guests will contribute to our efforts, and this is especially true of proper hand washing. It is especially important that children also adhere to this. We believe that with the help of preparation and additional caution of our employees and guests, we can enjoy the joys of summer this year as well.

The Green Oasis

Within reach of the sea and the attractive beach, and close to the main traffic course, you will find the green treasure, natural Camp ''Opatija'' in Ičići. Under the crowns of broadleaf and coniferous trees, following the harmony of the ground, this is a shelter to all those who need a temporary run away from the civilisation, and still having everything necessary at hand.

Relaxed atmosphere is permanent in this camp and the greenness relaxes the eyes and the nerves. Visitors can enjoy the meditative music of the crickets and relax by observing the swaying of the tree branches on a pleasant evening breeze.

Those who are more into action can find it in numerous activities within reach of the camp. Above this very spot Učka Nature Park is situated. You can go for a walk, hiking or find any other way of recreation. If you want to arrive to the main beach in Icici you only need to go down about sixty five stairs.The more mobile campers will be glad to look for Peharovo beach in Lovran, which, thanks to its form and the spirit, presents a perfect match for the naturalness and carelessness of the camp.

If you are looking for holidays that will be in harmony with the nature, the trees of Camp ''Opatija'' have spread their shadows just for you.

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