Tomasevac beach

Especially suitable for children

Tomaševac Beach is located on the coastal promenade Lungo Mare, near the hotel "Ambasador" in Opatija.

It is one of the most famous bathing areas in Opatija and because of the playground especially suitable for children.

Tomaševac offers numerous catering services. You can rent chairsand umbrellas there and it is also equipped with showers and sports facilities. The beach is sandy with paved areas.





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Motor Camp Opatija

Autokamp Opatija

Within reach of the sea and the attractive beach, and close to the main traffic course, you will find the green treasure, natural Camp ''Opatija'' in Ičići. Under the crowns of broadleaf and coniferous trees, following the harmony of the ground, this is a shelter to all those who need a temporary run away from the civilisation, and still having everything necessary at hand.

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