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Opatija Camping offers camper lots of various sizes, standard lots suitable for little vans, and spacious lots for campers and large motor homes. The lots are all on terraced terrain, and they are not fenced. You can choose grass or gravel terrain, and sunny, semi-sunny, or lots in shade. 
In the camp, there are several places with sanitary facilities, and its use is included in the price. You can use cold/hot/drinking water, toilets, chemical toilets, shower cabins, and sinks (indoor/outdoor). There are also bathrooms for the disabled. 
All camper lots are equipped with a supplier of electricity as well. Electrical lockers are located on electrical poles. There are 36 lockers with 6 sockets in total. It is necessary for guests to have their own extension cables. The electricity is charged per day separately, and the guests get a key for the locker at the reception. The price includes a 220 V (6 A) connection. 
They say a dog is a man’s best friend. Take your pets camping, because this is a campground that will welcome them. Traveling with a pet is always a joy for you, and a great reward for them. The excitement they will experience on vacation is priceless – they will peek out the window while driving and explore new places and new scents, and most importantly, spend time with their beloved owner. Pets are allowed, charged according to the number of pets. Boxes are available on poles with dog feces bags.


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