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Check our House Rules, Rules of Order, or other useful information.

Upon arrival at the campsite, the camper is obliged to register at the campsite reception. When applying, the camper is required to submit his personal documents. In front of the camp, there are parking spaces where you will temporarily park your vehicles until you register. 

Access to visitors to the camp is granted exclusively by the camp reception service.   

1. The place for setting up camping equipment and accommodation of camper vehicles is determined by the reception service camp depending on the available space within the camp.  

2. The camper is prohibited from arbitrarily changing the camping site without the approval of the service camp reception.  

3. In a full season, at the request of the camp staff, the camper is required to move his car on for this provided space (parking) to make room for another camper.  

4. Before leaving the camp, the camper is obliged to arrange and restore the place where it is camped and check out at the reception.

1. Campers can use electrical and utility devices, as well as equipment. They are required to use it properly in order to meet the needs for which they are intended.  

2. It is forbidden to use electrical appliances (stoves, refrigerators, air conditioners, etc.) that are not standardized for use in camping.  

 3. Washing of dishes and laundry is allowed only in the designated areas.  

4. It is forbidden to wash cars, change motor oils on vehicles, etc. in the camp.  

5. Washbasins, sinks, showers, urinals, and toilets must be used properly in accordance with the purpose for which they are intended, considering that they are sanitary devices for the common use of all campers.  

We expect that by taking care of cleanliness, guests will contribute to our efforts, and this especially applies to proper handwashing. It is especially important that children also adhere to this.  

6. It is strictly forbidden to pour the contents of chemical toilets into the toilet or wash dishes in showers  

1. The camper is obliged to take care of his property and things in the camp.  

2. The camp management does not take any responsibility for missing or damaged property of the campers, and for accidents or injuries in the camp caused by the personal negligence of the camper.  

1. Campers are obliged to throw solid waste into the waste container and separate the waste.  

2. It is forbidden to leave and throw solid waste outside the designated place.  

3. Campers are obliged to maintain order and cleanliness in the place where they camp.  

4. Campers are obliged to keep plantations and greenery in the camp.  

5. It is forbidden to tear branches or damage (drive-in nails) and cut down trees.  

1. Campers are obliged to respect public order and peace in the camp.  

2. Night peace in the camp lasts from 22:00 to 07:00. At that time, the arrival of visitors is forbidden to the campground and making any noise.  

3. It is forbidden to use radio and TV sets, advertising and singing in the way it creates noise in the camp.  

1. The camp is equipped with fire-fighting equipment and means that everyone must use it in case of fire. 

2. It is forbidden to light open fires and to light fireplaces, except on standardized one’s barbecues with the prior permission of the camp reception service.  

3. It is forbidden to bring flammable fuels, explosives, etc. into the camp.  

4. In the event of a fire in the camp or in the immediate vicinity, it is the duty of the camper to respond to organized firefighting.

In the camp and the surrounding area, dogs must be kept on a leash and under the supervision of the owner.  

1. The camper is obliged to comply with all the House Rules.  

2. If non-compliance with the house rules is found, the camp administration may notify the camper house rules to cancel accommodation in the camp.  

3. In cases of cancellation of accommodation in accordance with the provisions of paragraph 2 of this item, the camper is obliged to pay compensation for the damage.  

4. Various damages, malfunction of installations and equipment, and any non-compliance with the Rules of Order in camp, the camper reports to the camp reception service. 


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