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Autumn camping in Opatija Camping (until 31.10.)


Good climate that is also therapeutic; in a peaceful environment that’s not crowded with other tourists; at a cheaper price than peak season; and with lots to do and see…  

Here are few reasons to come to Opatija Camping during September or October:

A mild and healthy climate

Autumn camping in Opatija/Ičići, doesn’t have to mean sheltering in your tent from the cold. In fact, its quite the opposite! Opatija is well known for its mild and healthy climate, a climate that is ackowledged to positively help with respiratory problems.

Autumn camping is more peaceful

The peace and quiet. If you happen to be one of those people who want a peaceful holiday then consider whether the following suits you:

-beaches that are not crowded with tourists

-a campsite where you can pick and choose exactly the right camping pitch for you

-low levels of traffic and noise both in the campsite or in the town centre

Its cheaper to camp in Croatia during the autumn

So far we have a nice climate and a peaceful environment. Add to this a cheaper holiday!

Do you enjoy mountain biking, cycling or hiking?

Combining your  autumn camping holiday in Opatija Camping with your passion for bikes or walking is an ideal combination. The best time for a bike ride or to hike is during autumn when its not too hot, but warm enough to enjoy the outdoor activities and the Učka Nature Park above Opatija Camping is just the right place for that.

Autumn activities, events and festivals

From picking your own wild mushrooms or chestnuts, through to a variety of fun events held in, there won’t be a shortage of things to do and see.


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